The spirited chants “J-E-T-S, J-E-T-S, J-E-T-S,” and more of those obnoxious chants were heard almost everyone in New York this weekend. They were flirting for the Southern California kid, arriving to the tumultuous state and hoping this is a cure to the ravishing landscape of New York, where the Statue of Liberty stands tall, where the skyscrapers overlooks the city and where quarterback Mark Sanchez will make his home in the NFL.

This is an enticing star the Jets fans have been imploring, a potential franchise quarterback who could cure the city’s fiascoes. As of now, the city aren't at its best shape, but stealing Sanchez could origin a renaissance and optimism in a city that have seen almost everything turn unsavory. From the tainted economy, to the horrific draft selections, to team failures, it defines the agony troubling them.

They seen the Knicks run into a disastrous downfall, with the unavailing Stephon Marbury turbulence. They’re recently seeing the Yankees sustain a financial crisis. The Jets saw their former coach Eric Mangini canned last season. They saw Brett Favre come and go. And they might agree and is fine with it, their neighbors, the Giants, were sabotaged last season when Plaxico Burress shot himself in the thigh.

But with the most brilliant move coming from the Jets, it’s an automatic plus they’re the most mended franchise in New York, and the franchise to cure any addled moments. Although Sanchez’s status is unknown at the pro level, it feels as if New York won the sweepstakes or the Super Bowl in late April. Thousands of Jets fans were scattered and crowded the Radio City Music Hall of New York. Usually, it’s thousands of fans sporting their green jersey’s and caps disgruntled and disgusted of the wasteful picks for either a futile player or someone who doesn't fit the system. In this case, there were more smiles, cheers and chants.

There weren't any harsh boos, but warm greetings from the admiring fans, elated about the intelligible pick that could benefit the Jets in the near future. With their wise preference to ease from the 12th spot into the fifth spot to claim Sanchez as their next star of Saturday’s NFL Draft, generated potential assurance and it’s a marriage that could impend obstacles down the road in New England. This could increase the bitter rivalry between them and the Patriots.

For much of the decade, the Patriots imprinted their names on four Lombardi Trophies, led by the league’s indomitable quarterback Tom Brady, declaring his loyalty among fans when he led them to their first Super Bowl. Sanchez shows up with lots of poise and is aroused on playing in the city where criticism could hit harder than a crushing blow by a linebacker. Yet, he hasn't played a game in a Jets uniform and has already earned his citizenship.

Maybe because of the evidence shown at USC, where his mobility and powerful arm grabbed attention through scouts, and obviously the Jets where alarmed on the potential ability of him grasping a playbook quickly than expected. He comes in with pro athleticism, maturity and charisma, ingredients needed to establish an AFC contender.

Indeed he seems ready to take over the Jets, after mastering merely 3,965 yards and 41 touchdowns last season in a pro-style offense under masterful coach Pete Carroll, who encouraged his pro-like star of Los Angeles to stay in his final year. But Sanchez ditched the campus life, to declare for the NFL, and is quickly emerging into a celebrity of New York and will earn more likings if he performs up to his capabilities.

I have to say, he’s a clever choice and should captivate, when they play the Patriots twice next fall in a potential AFC clash. There’s much expected as a member of the Jets, particularly as starting quarterback and if Sanchez underperforms, there’s a guiltless chance the immaculate 6-foot-2, 227 pounds quarterback will hear the discontent sounds he has’t yet heard.

Wearing a Jets uniform requires a winner, someone who’s willing to transcend expectations by winning games, including a playoff appearance. Sanchez’s audacity already makes fans believe he could punch a ticket to the playoffs, and already he’s a comparison to last year’s two outstanding rookies in Atlanta’s Matt Ryan and Baltimore’s Joe Flacco. Both led their teams on an unforeseen odyssey to clinch playoff berths, two teams that overcame adversity.

The Falcons were still mourning over the disturbing departure of Michael Vick for the alleged dogfighting scandal, until Ryan restored spirit back into a city and earned his citizenship among cheerful fans. Same went for an unflappable Flacco in Baltimore, when no one expected him to lead the Ravens to the AFC Championship Game. It’s possible we might see it again with the Jets and Sanchez, and it’s a chance this might be a beginning to a new renaissance. But it’s hard to envision them winning a championship, simply because it’s only Sanchez’s first year in the NFL.

So logic tells you, that it will take a few year’s before they become a prevailing force. To become a successor of Brett Favre is embracing for Sanchez, and to the fans. But the environment is nothing compared to the California lifestyle as he’s entering the New York lifestyle. Only in New York, the criticism is harsher and expectations are higher. In the era of modern media, it’s inevitable to avoid examination, particularly since Sanchez is a fresh rookie and much is expected. Even though, this was Sanchez’s favorite landing spot, some thanks goes to Mangini.

The Cleveland Browns handed over the 12 pick, which give the Jets their grand prize. In return, the Browns obtained defensive end Kenyon Coleman, quarterback Brett Ratliff and safety Abram Elam, including two picks and a first rounder. By giving away their pick, made apparent that the Browns are moving in a different direction and it’s rebuilding. It’s fine to speculate the same coming from the Jets, though they came away victorious.

Not long ago, they lost out on Jay Cutler when the Chicago Bears made a surprising run to grab the dispirited quarterback. The Jets cut loose Chad Pennington, having an inclination that his arm strength would never be the same after two shoulder surgeries. They released him to free up space for the legendary Favre, whose availability became their primary target. But he bailed out after a poor season, which damaged Mangini’s reputation as head coach and ended a three-year marriage.

Now, the Jets think Sanchez is their quarterback of the future, and if so, he comes with Favre-type capacity. He scrambles with brilliant footwork, and has exposed excellent vision and unbelievable throwing capacity. At least, that’s how the transcendent Favre was in the younger years and his prime. General manager Mike Tannenbaum and new coach Rex Ryan was impressed by Sanchez’s workouts.

From there, they knew he was their pick and their next leader to call the snaps and make plays. Certainly, it wasn't a bad choice, and fans in New York will agree. Thanks to Mangini, who finally making something happen for the Jets.

That will make draftniks shout "J-E-T-S, JETS, JETS, JETS"! Yes.


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