Once names are release of steroid scandals, a myriad of lies increasingly becomes an issue, which leaves scandals mysterious and us searching for more answers. For three months now, we have tried to get to the bottom of the truth regarding Alex Rodriguez three month old scandal. Once again, his name resurfaces for using steroids in a longer timetable. Recent revelations revealed that A-Rod might really be an A-Fraud, using them not only with the Texas Rangers, but when he earned national attention in high school.

If so, this is enough shameful allegations to add to his much-battered reputation, and instead of being induce to the Hall of Fame his name designates a locus in the Lie of Fame for his habits of not unmasking the truth. No one is profound or anxious to acclaim A-Rod as Major League’s Baseball home run king after his name unveiled as a non-legit hitter. From the countless anonymous information he has shared and lies that easily are detected, it’s hard to believe anything the tainted third baseman says, which has crippled his legacy and the way he’s recognized.

Three months removed from admitting and apologizing to disgruntled fans, and other than Yankees fans A-Rod is the mere player of the league that fans despise, a future legend that will never become a legitimate legend and it would be very surprising if he’s introduced into Cooperstown as one of major’s greats. Well, folks that’s not happening, it was shattered when the first allegations were revealed, and the bottom line is he’s the biggest fraud in America right now when it comes to defacing the game for using performance enhancing drugs.

Then, the shamed game came when commissioner Bud Selig divulged that A-Rod shamed the game of baseball. By realizing that it takes two in order to prompt shame, Selig is as much as a burden, failing to declare probes on baseball’s scandals which have things in an uproar. Yes, this week officially marks A-Rod Annoyance Week, where distractions ingenerates a media circus to the Yankees and where Sports Illustrated writer and author of A-Rod, Selena Roberts is portrayed as an evil squealer.

Rodriguez’s guilt and dishonesty makes us believe everything quoted in Roberts’ latest book that was released Monday. Though, it might not portray all facts, it still reveals facts and information we haven’t heard and probably will never hear from the secretive A-Rod. I said before that it’s hard believing anything A-Rod utters, as new allegations makes him baseball’s biggest screw up and wannabe who haven’t played the game with integrity or respect. To tell you the truth, I believe the author and not A-Rod. Otherwise there isn't a need to refer to him as A-Fraud.

Don’t tell the Yankees that.

Recent accusations interrupt the Yankees, but clearly they don’t care if A-Rod is the humiliating face of baseball. All they care about is winning and once he returns to the batting order healthy enough to produce, fans will cheer the tainted Rodriguez. Even though his creditability is lost among many, it’s still somewhat intact with the pinstripes. Only because A-Rod is a critical piece in their pursuit to a 28th world title, and to think that’s not the rational answer, well then there’s no other alternative for believing why the fans will still embrace a tainted player in the same category as Barry Bonds, Mark McGuire and Roger Clemens.

Though, their careers emerged into the dark sides of the league, you would have thought the same for A-Rod. But even though he confessed of using steroids, his name will always be marked as fraud as he was an icon and profiled as the home run king. So since his fame was more valuable than others who failed to come clean, A-Rod doesn’t earn free ride privileges. And he shouldn’t get away with his repugnant use of performance enhancers, as Major League Baseball will start probing the troubling source of evidence. If evidence unveils that Rodriguez lied to investigators on the timetable of using steroids, he could serve a harsh suspension in which he should anyway for the alleged drug use.

Still, none of this matter to the Yankees. They couldn’t careless if he juiced it up or lied in front of national television. All they care about are the prime ribs at Yankee Stadium and winning championships in which everything else is thrown away unless fails to outweigh their mystique agenda. And sure Rodriguez is owed credit for admitting to taking steroids, but that’s about all as no one cares about his mystique. It’s bad enough the steroid era have impacted the game people embraced longer than the Model T Ford, long enough to remember days when it seemed the game consisted of purity and not contamination, the days when Hank Aaron reached a milestone with beautiful swings and pure hitting. That’s not the case for A-Rod and it’s not the case for the Yankees, viewing the allegations as a distraction.

Before the season started, reports surfaced that Rodriguez failed a drug test six year’s ago and at the time it was only known that he used them on a two year period, twice a month, in a six-month cycle. Weeks later, in a conference at Yankees training camp or if preferred at Yankees Circus, he revealed that his cousin from the Dominican Republic injected him. And now, the latest book acknowledges that Rodriguez used performance enhancer longer than two years and while he was with the Yankees, according to Roberts’ A-Rod: The Many Lives of Alex Rodriguez. It could be true information as he gave us a hint year’s ago that he was tying to find his way in the majors. Two anonymous teammates said he used human growth hormone in 2005 as a Yankee, when frequent weight growth was confounded and side effects changed his demeanor. Yes, it leaves you mysterious, but the truth shall come out one day. Anyhow, at this point, it really doesn’t matter as A-Rod will never be the same icon we once embraced.

Maybe to the Yankees, he’ll be embraced.

And maybe Roberts’ is telling the truth. Indeed, she is the one to believe as A-Rod can’t be trusted.


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