After his struggles with the FIU Golden Panthers, the university has decided to fire head coach Isiah Thomas after posting a 26-65 record in three seasons. Thomas never won more than eleven games and finished 8-21 with the squad this past season.

Thomas surprisingly hired by the university in 2009 to take over after his miscues with the New York Knicks for all those years.

"We just needed a break here or a break there, and it's not happening for us," Thomas said last month in a loss to Western Kentucky. "I know we're getting there. We've had so many close games. If we keep working, good things will happen."

Thomas was expected to turn the team around, but it never happened.

However, luckily for Thomas, he really won't be remembered for his coaching career, but for his stellar playing career with IU in college and the Detroit Pistons in the NBA. However, sadly for him, he just can't coach nor can he be a successful GM.

It just goes to show you that great players can't always translate into good coaches and/or GMs.


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