The Philadelphia Eagles won their first game of the season on Sunday, and their first conference game since Thanksgiving of last year.

Chip Kelly didn’t mince words when he attributed it “100 percent” to Pope Francis being in town.

“That the Pope helped us? That’s one hundred percent true. And if you were watched what we did in the second half, we were trying to get the game over quicker so we can come back and see him.”

The Eagles won the game improving to 1-2 on the season, and finally looking the team that had some, including me, predicting a trip to the Super Bowl.

“I think you have a challenge each week in who you play and what they’re like as a football team,” Kelly said. “And I think some people’s expectations before the season starts—people don’t really know. No one knows. Did you know Atlanta was going to be 3-0? You know what I mean? I felt like when we played Atlanta and I talked about Atlanta the week of Atlanta, everybody was like well—we thought after watching them in the preseason that was a really good football team. And when I said that everybody was like, ‘Well they weren’t really good last year?’ Well it’s a whole different team. And [Falcons head coach Dan Quinn] Quinny is doing a good job with them. So, you don’t know. That’s the great part about it is, until the season gets rolling, you don’t really have a feel for what teams are and what teams aren’t.

“The one thing I know—here’s the theory I know, is that nobody knows.”

Kelly won’t brag, but can sure thank his kind heart for Darren Sproles, who’s carry the offense right now.

By Glenn Erby


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