Basketball is one of the world’s most fascinating games that not only includes the big rolling ball and the jersey but also the arm sleeve. In fact, the arm sleeve is considered to be a very popular accessory among NBA stars and young kids as well.

Interestingly, basketball sleeves have many reasons to be worn during the game. Some wear to minimize the chances of injury while others wear to boost their performance. However, there are many other reasons for wearing arm sleeves during a basketball match.

So, if you are about to participate in a basketball tournament, you should get an arm sleeve. Here are a few reasons why you should wear it. Take a look.

Looks Fashionable

No matter what sport it is, players tend to stand out on the ground with style statements. An arm sleeve lends one a cool look and lets him stand out from others. So, it can be called a fashionable accessory for basketball players who want to look different from others.

In fact, these arm sleeves come in different colors, patterns, and designs that also make it easier for players to display their individuality.

Warm-Up Muscles

Basketball is a game where you need to make good use of your arms and muscles. So, an arm sleeve will warm up your arms and make them become more flexible.

Amongst all other sports, basketball demands high-arm flexibility. Wearing an arm sleeve will, therefore, restrict your arms from stiffening and instead would keep you fit throughout the game.

Allows Compression 

One of the biggest benefits of wearing arm sleeves during a basketball match is enjoying compression.

In other words, there will be less swelling, constant blood flow, and reduced fatigue with such a beneficial accessory. Even the chances of elbow pain will be low in that will never cause discomfort during the game.

Hides Tattoos 

Having tattoos on arms is common among players, no matter what the sport is. In a game of basketball, wearing an arm sleeve helps you hide such tattoos that may look controversial to spectators.

The arm sleeves are made in such a manner that they cover up the major portion of the arms. So, if one is willing not to expose one’s tattoo during an international game, an arm sleeve will do a great job.

Protects Against UV Rays

Who loves facing the sun while playing outdoors basketball? The more one stays away from UV rays, the better it is.

There are such arm sleeves that are completely covered with ultra-violet absorption. This restricts the arm from heating up and hence assures comfort to the user while playing.

Prevents Cuts and Wounds

Having cuts or wounds on the elbow or arms carries a lot of risk during the play. This is where shooting arm sleeves prove to be extremely helpful in ensuring that the bandages are kept in place and not dislocated.

So, you can see why wearing arm sleeves can make a huge difference for a basketball player during a match. Just make sure to get that right arm sleeve for a more fabulous performance.


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