If you grew up in the Jordan 90s, then you know the power of a pair of shoes. When Michael made his famous deal with the upstart Nike, his prowess on the court drove a whole new, lucrative market. 

People would line up for hours for new Air Jordan releases, eager to don the most recent pair. Bulls fans who would bet on MJ during games using top bonus za rejestrację bez depozytu definitely wanted his sneakers as well. 

By now, there are hundreds of wide-ranging shoes embedded in people’s style across the country. If you love your basketball sneaks, you’ve gotta learn how to do them justice. 

Here are some pro tips for wearing basketball shoes casually, so you can stand out from the crowd.

Decide How Much Flare You Want With Your Shoes

Stepping back to the shoe-buying stage—maybe you’re eyeing another pair for your collection—there are a couple of things you want to consider. 

First, consider toning down the detail and color, so they don’t overwhelm the rest of your outfit. Tailor them to what you already wear. 

That said if you must have the most colorful kicks in town or have your eye on a unique set, opt for more neutral colors when you put them on. This accentuates your shoes while still making you look like a grownup.

Second, choose between high- and low-tops. High-topped ones are more noticeable, while low-toppers blend in better, appearing closer to a traditional sneaker. 

For flexibility, we recommend low-tops, but to achieve that bonafide basketball shoe look that no one can mistake for anything else, go for high-tops.

Wear Tapered or Slim Pants

Another pro tip for wearing basketball shoes casually is to don slimmer cut jeans or pants, so you don’t crowd out your eye-catching footwear. 

While billowing sweatpants and wide-legged jeans tend to rumple and fold over, slim or tapered pants let your shoes shine without interference. There are tons of ways to wear Jordans well with jeans—it just takes a bit of practice.

One idea—especially if you don’t have money to buy new clothes—is to try cuffing or rolling what you do have to let your sneaks loose. Otherwise, if you prefer pants that bunch a little, know the difference between a couple of ruffles and pants so baggy that they make you look silly.

Go for Shorts in a Bind

If you’re in a style bind, don’t be afraid to wear shorts. While this is a more casual option, basketball shoes are a natural pair with athletic shorts given that actual players wear this combo all the time. 

Better to let your shoes breathe with shorts on than to stifle them with the wrong pair of pants. One more note, though—with shorts, make sure you choose the right height socks to fit the height of your shoe tops, so it doesn’t end up looking dorky.


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