Last year was probably one of the craziest in sports history since the COVID-19 pandemic postponed seasons and events and kept fans out of stadiums. 

However, sports are back and better than ever—at least in the United States—and you might be looking to cheer with people again. 

If you plan on having people over, follow these tips for hosting a sports watch party at home. 

Choose the Event

This summer is full of major sporting events because of COVID-19 delays. Besides the annual NBA and NHL Stanley Cup Finals, 2021 will also bring the Euros and the Olympics to the table. 

Start your planning by nailing down which event you want to invite people over for. 

Send Out the Invites

The next step is to send out the invites! Make sure you do so a reasonable amount of time in advance so that you can get a good idea of who might becoming. 

You may also need to think about who you are inviting and whether you will invite kids, but more on that later. 

Find the Right Spot

As the watch party comes together, you will also need to consider the right place to throw it. A man-cave is ideal, but you have to make sure you have all the essentials

You can also throw the party outside if the weather cooperates, but it’s a good idea to have a backup. You want to make sure that your venue can handle not just the game but the guests too. 

Get the Goods

No sports watch party is complete without food and beverages. Therefore, getting a headcount ahead of time will help you make sure there’s plenty to go around. 

Also, put a plan in place to either prepare the food ahead of time or order it so that it arrives on time. 

Have Backup Entertainment

Unfortunately, major sporting events don’t always live up to all the hype. That’s why our final tip for hosting a sports watch party at home is to have some backup entertainment handy, such as video games, pool, ping-pong, etc. 

It’s also good to have backup entertainment for kids or anyone else who isn’t invested in the sporting event.


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