For centuries, the legends of sports have forged their reputations through impressive feats of athleticism, skill, and physical prowess. However, a few legends have gained their records through some of the worst performances in history.

These are unbreakable sports records for all the wrong reasons, and we’ve selected 10 of these achievements for your perusal. Some are embarrassing, and others will test your empathy, but they all share one thing in common...

Being the worst of the best.

Quickest NBA Disqualification

NBA players are allowed six fouls before they get sent off. Usually, this isn’t enough to see many players leave the court early, and if they do hit the foul limit, it usually only occurs towards the end of the game.

Not Bubba Wells

In 1997, playing for the Dallas Mavericks, Wells managed to execute six fouls in three minutes. The worst part is that his antics didn’t change the outcome of the game; the Mavericks lost to the Bulls, and Bubba became the lesson on what not to do.

Most Career NFL Fumbles

During his time in the NFL, Brett Favre gained a lot of attention for his risky plays and odd maneuvers. Many of these chance plays ended up working in his favor, but they were just as likely to end in failure.

Favre had 166 fumbles by the time he retired in 2010. To this day, no other quarterback has managed to top his record. The closest is Warren Moon, who fumbled the ball 161 times in his career. 

He’s retired as well though, so Favre remains the king of fumbles.

Most Career NFL Interceptions

Once again, Favre holds the top spot for an embarrassing record. His 336 career interceptions are beyond the reach of even the most incompetent throwers, but they also show how ambitious some of his passes were.

If you consider the fact that Favre had one of the longest careers in NFL history, these records aren’t as bad as they seem. The longer you play for, the more these statistics add up, and a 20-season career will undoubtedly have its fair share of fumbles and intercepts.

Most Consecutive Super Bowl Losses

The Buffalo Bills lost the Super Bowl four times in a row, which means that they hold the record for the most consecutive Super Bowl losses. The streak began at Super Bowl XXV when they lost to the New York Giants.

Every Super Bowl for the next three seasons was worse than the last. The Washington Redskins beat the Bills at the next championship, and the other two titles were both lost to the Dallas Cowboys.

Most Consecutive NBA Losses

Between 2014 and 2016, the Philadelphia 76ers suffered a long string of defeats. They lost 28 games in a row over the span of two seasons, which led to the record for the most consecutive losses in NBA history.

What’s more, the 76ers already held the record for the most losses in the 2013-14 season, so this was yet another milestone in their trajectory of bad luck. The streak eventually came to an end, though, as the 76ers managed to turn things around in 2017. 

Most Penalties in an NHL Game

Chris Nilan’s reputation as an aggressive player is well-known to NHL fans. Nicknamed "Knuckles," Nilan took great pleasure in pummeling his opponents at every opportunity, and nowhere was this more obvious than in the 1991 game against Hartford.

Playing for the Boston Bruins, Nilan managed to get penalized 10 times during the game. Out of the total 60 minutes of game-time, he was in the penalty box for 42 minutes. 

Say what you will about his anger issues, but the 60 minutes was pure entertainment.

Most Sacked NFL Quarterback

Quarterbacks manage the flow of play more than any other squad member, and being the center of attention makes them prime targets for the other team. 

However, there’s one quarterback who hit the dirt far more frequently than others, and his name is David Carr.

In 2002, Carr was downed an astonishing 76 times. A similar situation in 2005 led to 68 downs, so his tendency to hold onto the ball for a little too long wasn’t just a one-season thing.

Most Strikeouts in an MLB Season

Mark Reynolds struck out 223 times in the 2009 MLB season. That means he struck out more than once per game on average, which is almost impossible to do even if you’re actively trying to miss every swing.

The record strikeouts of that year weren’t even a one-time occurrence. He had 204 strikeouts in 2008 and 211 of them in 2010. Seeing as his career isn’t over yet, Reynolds does have the chance to redeem himself, but that’s not exactly an inspiring run of form.

Worst Single-Season NBA Team

All sports teams go through ups and downs, but the Charlotte Bobcats hold the record for the lowest low that any NBA team has ever reached. How low, you ask? Well, the Bobcats lost around 90% of their games in the 2011-12 season.

Out of 67 fixtures, the team only won seven times. What's more, they had a shortened campaign compared to most other teams, which means that their season had the potential to be even more terrible than it already was.

Worst Single-Season NFL Team

So, the Bobcats had the worst-ever season in the NBA, but which NFL team is their equivalent? None other than the Detroit Lions, who became the only team to not win a single game in the 2008 season.

For all 16 games, the Lions couldn’t find a way to beat any of their opponents. That 2008 team was the worst of the worst, however, the Lions have managed to refocus their efforts significantly, and the team is now in a far better spot than it used to be.


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