If you’re thinking about downsizing to a smaller home, but you’re a sneakerhead and a sports fan with a large collection, you have some decisions to make. You may have everything in its place right now, but that may change in the new place. 

In addition to looking at what you have and deciding what you should keep, you also need to look at smart storage solutions. 

When it comes time to relocate, consider these tips and tricks to store your sneakers, sports gear memorabilia, and whatever else you might be collecting without unnecessary stress.

When You Realize You Need to Downsize

There are various reasons one might choose to downsize their home —  be it because you no longer need a larger space, your current home costs too much, you want to move closer to family or friends, or anything in between. 

Whatever the reason, you need to plan accordingly and avoid common mistakes, like underestimating the cost of a new home in the current economy and, of course, keeping too much stuff. 

The last thing you want to do is pack up a moving truck and get to the new, smaller home to find that you don’t have room for anything.

If you do decide to downsize, you won’t be able to keep everything. Therefore, your first step before moving is going through your items and weeding out anything you may not need. 

Get rid of anything in your collection that is worn out or has no real or sentimental value. Additionally, look at sports equipment that is damaged or you no longer use. 

When you find the items you simply won’t need or use anymore, donate them to charity and get them out of your way.

There will likely be some items you’re unsure about, so if you don’t want to let them go, don’t. Instead, a solution may be to find a storage locker near your new home and keep everything there until you decide how to move forward. 

Just be sure that the locker is clean and dry so your items remain in perfect condition. Also, if your stuff is valuable and the storage company offers insurance, take it. 

Storing Your Sneakers

As a sneakerhead, your collection likely takes up a significant amount of space — and it may still be growing! Storing kicks in your smaller space may take some creativity, but you can pull it off.

There are many shoe storage ideas depending on the layout of your home. If all you have is closet space, you can buy a clear-front storage cube online so you can display your shoes without needing to open each of them. 

If your closet is full, add a large shoe organizer over your door and keep them completely out of the way.

Since you likely only have room for so much furniture, think about ways to repurpose what you have to create more storage. 

So, if you have a bench near the entryway where you sit and put on your shoes, see if you can add stylish wicker baskets underneath to store your shoes so they’re out of the way. 

What about the living room? If you like to put your feet up on an ottoman while you watch TV, find an ottoman that opens and has space for shoe storage. Many living room tables also open up and have storage underneath.

There’s also the option to store shoes under your bed, either in the boxes or loose. You might even look for an elevated bed that fits the space and will allow you to store more boxes of shoes on top of each other. 

Wherever you have a bookshelf, you could dedicate a shelf or two to some of your more prized pairs. 

Storage for Sports Equipment

When it comes to sports memorabilia, collectibles, and other equipment, the first step should be to store the usable seasonal items you won’t need for at least a few months. 

At first glance, you may look at your home and see one or two small closets and assume you’re out of luck, but by looking around the space, you can find genius storage ideas

If you have the space, consider totes, laundry baskets, and plastic containers to hold your miscellaneous sports equipment. You’ll be amazed at how much you can fit into these containers when strategically placing each item. 

Keep things organized by putting similar sports equipment in the same container, labeling them, and then stacking them up in a closet.

You may also have collectible sports equipment that you want to keep safe and secure, and in that case, you can put items on display in cases. You can also hang surfboards, golf clubs, and other sentimental items on the wall like art. 

Finally, use wall mounts or wire wall-mounted storage baskets for baseball bats, volleyballs, or basketballs. With this, you’ll keep equipment off the floor and make it easy to grab them while you’re on the way out of the door. 

There are almost unlimited ways to store your shoes, sports equipment, and collectibles if you look around your downsized home and get creative. 

Donate what you don’t need and keep what you do, and you’ll have everything in place when you need it. 


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